Armor of God

Shield of Faith

I hope this post finds you well and knee deep in God’s word. In order to “take up” the shield of faith, we must be active. Faith isn’t passive, or a good luck charm.

Just almost 2 years ago I found myself in a season of life that I had not really foreseen. There is a huge God story, with so many intricate details and life lessons learned, but one lesson seems to fit perfectly for this study regarding the shield of faith. I became the caretaker of a disabled uncle for 5 months. Shortly after my uncle’s death, I was looking for an on-line spiritual gifts assessment to share with some students I was leading. The teacher in me knew I should take the test first to assure its validity. I had taken these assessments before, and knew what should be reported as my top 3. At the completion of the questions, I was surprised at what gift came back in the number one position. I almost disregarded the results as a faulty test, and was just about to search for a different one. However, the Holy Spirit promptly brought to my mind all that I had been through over the previous months, and I knew that the results were without error. Faithis now my number one spiritual gift. Never before had it even been recorded in the top half for me. 

How could faith supersede my previous spiritual gifts? The short answer is that I was willing to be used by God. Faith is an action. I was Jesus with skin on for my uncle. I tell others what started as a mere visit out of obligation, and obedience turned into a beautiful love story of restoration, trust, and love. There were times that I was so overcome, and in awe of God’s perfect timing, that I would tell God to stop. In Luke 5, have you ever paused to take notice that Peter in verse 8 told Jesus to depart from him right after the biggest haul of fish he had ever experienced? I think I know what Peter felt, and maybe you have been there too. It is a fear from experiencing the overwhelming awesome power of God. Perhaps you may think you aren’t worthy. Oh Friend, join me in learning to fully embrace God’s presence; don’t ignore or push aside his lavish blessings. Ephesians 3:20 “Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us.” Realize there are no coincidences, it isn’t luck, or by chance that you are where you are right now reading these words. Open your eyes to God’s holy fingerprints; He is active and alive!

I pray this week that you be bold enough to ask, just as the disciples did, for God to increase your faith. May you be drawn to an intimate closeness to Jesus, our Savior. Let your faith be evident in your words and actions. Come alive! May we be considered people who could be added to the present day Hall of Faith. Look at Hebrews 11, take the time to circle or highlight all the times you see the words “by faith.”  Do me a favor will you? Read over the following sentence, and insert your name in the blank.

By faith, __________ did as the Lord had purposed for his/her life. 

Now repeat  that line, as many times as you need to. Try it out loud so Satan can hear you. Get your shield up an be encouraged because you are advancing against the enemy. Take back what is rightfully yours as a child of God. What is He calling you to do in faith? Lord, it is the desire of our hearts to serve you. Enable us to step out in faith according to your will. 


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