Armor of God

Designer Shoes of Peace

Priscilla Shirer’s The Armor of God has a day of study titled, “My Father’s Shoes.” The title alone reminded me of being my Daddy’s little girl and sweet loving memories of dancing with  him. When I was very young I would stand on his feet and he would carry my weight as he glided around the floor. As I got older, I danced with him knowing the steps from the experiences we had earlier in life. During those times, nothing else in the world mattered. I was with my Daddy, and my Daddy was with me. I was protected and had no question that he loved me with all his heart. Lord, thank you for my Daddy here on Earth that gave me love and tender care.

I pray for the ladies reading this blog that do not associate love, gentleness, kindness, peace, and joy when they think of their Dad. I pray for those who don’t even know their dad. Fill them as only you can. You are Abba. For new believers, or the ones who have never stood on your feet and let you lead, and teach them the steps of Your ways of truth and life. I hope that I can encourage them to step up and take your hand. Embrace them Lord, pull them close and give them peace despite their circumstances. May they let you lead, and guide them in their life. May they be equipped with their go shoes to be ready to stand firm and link arms with other believers. May they be able to escape temptations and move away from sinful habits because they wear your shoes of peace.

My daddy has been gone for many many years now, I was 29 at the time and he had just turned 49. Upon his death I turned to God for counsel and comfort. Jesus provided peace that surpassed all understanding. Thank you Lord for being with me every step of the way. I have had many short starts, and the long seasons where I have shown little or no spiritual growth. However, God never left me and always welcomed me back. His grace is enough! My obedience, commitment, and continued pursuit of an intimate relationship sustains me when all seems to be crumbling around me. The Holy Spirit sanctifies, and I am proof that He makes beauty from ashes. He restores my soul. He pours out peace beyond any momentary happiness, or feel good moment this world can offer. The calming peace that only a relationship with Jesus is what I desire above all else.

I pray that we all be well equipped with our “go shoes.” I ask that you Lord expertly fit each of us with your shoes of peace. May our custom made designer shoes fit so well as to give proper support that we not become weary during times of trouble. You have blessed us with such an awesome armor including matching shoes! May we be warrior women who choose them daily. Not only does it feel good, PEACE looks good on us. May we go and be peace-filled people that can be messengers of the good news by sharing the peace you have given us with others.

 As I grew closer to my Heavenly Father, I danced with him remembering the steps from the experiences we had earlier in life. During those days dressed in his armor, nothing else in the world mattered, and my trust and faith was deeply rooted in Him. I was with my Savior, and my Savior was with me. I am protected and I am highly cherished. My desire is to be used for His kingdom and glory! 


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