Armor of God

Helmet of Salvation

This study focuses on the Helmet of Salvation. In Priscilla Shirer’s The Armor of God my attention was brought to certain words that made me think of jobs, companies, or businesses. Newly hired employees typically receive some type of Human Resources training to go over protocol, chain of command, benefits, and lots of paperwork.

Priscilla tells us that salvation gives us believers comprehensive coverage. Unlike the minimum state requirement, it isn’t just liability. Salvation is the premium insurance policy. This is the policy with all the bells and whistles, the most expensive because it even covers things like complimentary roadside assistance. Think about this too, our salvation is the best insurance policy, and it is absolutely paid for in full, and for all time by our Savior. It doesn’t go under review every six months to a year either. Once and for all, Jesus delivered us from our sin. Also, we answer directly to the Lord of lords, and the King of kings!

Priscilla shares a story of her son skinning his knees and elbows taking a hard fall off his skateboard. It wasn’t like he didn’t have protective pads that would have prevented these injuries, he just wasn’t wearing them. The same holds true for each of us. We must not avoid using our coverage of protection. You never know what lies ahead, so the best prevention is to be prepared. How many of us have come upon some troubled times and complained of how hurt we were, nursing our wounds. Upon closer look, our daily uniform (Armor of God) might be stuck in the dirty clothes hamper, maybe even nicely laundered but hanging in the back corner of your closet. Where is the protective armor your loving Father has placed in your reach? It is at those times, when we were trying to do things on our own that we come out battered and bruised. A favorite excuse used by many is the old, “I didn’t have time.” Another one is that you didn’t want to bother God with something you could easily do on your own. Well, take the time to put off your old ways of independence, and protect yourself with the Armor of God that is at your disposal.

No matter your background, socio-economic status, sir-name, relationship status, no matter your skill level, education, worldly travels, no matter the size of your bank account, IQ, or how many stockings are hung in your home each Christmas, there is a truth you need let sink down deep and penetrate every fiber of your being. Here it is… YOU are His. When we admitted that we were sinners, believed that Jesus died for our sins, and confessed with our mouths that he is our Savior we received more than a ticket to heaven. Our joy doesn’t have to be put on hold because Jesus offers the most amazing Salvation Benefits package, with the best comprehensive insurance plan, and an inheritance that would make the richest man in the world envious.


How? Realize there is a spiritual war. What’s more is that you can’t take a vacation and let your guard down. Even in times of peace, or mountain top moments, you must pray and depend on God the Father. Daily manna is what I call my mornings in prayer and study. I pray for you to develop spiritual muscle and be diligent, obedient, and completely honest in your time with the Lord. You can’t be lazy. You can’t finish one bible study, and just wait for the next one to start. Doing that is just signaling to the enemy you are left unprotected and easily blind sided. Expose the lies that Satan speaks to you, and match them one by one with TRUTH. Become familiar with the lavish benefits package you have in Christ. You are co-heirs. You are highly cherished. You are forgiven. You are the child of the one true King. Start renewing and rewiring your mind to the things of truth that are from the one that loves us! 

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