Armor of God

Breastplate of Righteousness

How is the condition of your heart today? When the Bible speaks of our heart, it is in reference to our soul. Priscilla Shirer in her book The Armor of God says our soul is whatmakes us who we are, and each of us unique. She goes on to say that our heart is divided into four parts: mind, will, emotion, and conscienceLook at the heart diagram above and place those four words that make up the heart in each quadrant.

Have you ever heard the saying, or the lyrics in a popular song, “There is a God Shaped Hole in All of Us.”* Do you see it? Right there in the center of our heart is the cross. Sisters, we are Satan’s target, and he looks at that soul or heart of ours with the cross in the middle as his bullseye.

Priscilla lays out 4 types of righteousness. 

  1. Perfect Righteousness
  2. Comparative Righteousness
  3. Imputed Righteousness 
  4. Practical Righteousness

I have personally struggled with all 4. I’ll leave you will some of my personal prayers and victories after completing this part of study.

 Oh Lord, how many attempts at taking control and trying to be perfect have resulted in my complete life equivalent to a belly flop. Father forgive me for often comparing myself to others, or judging someone else. I am called to be humble and a servant, considering myself less than others. Jesus, thank you for paying it all on the cross. My past failures, struggles, and sin is not in any file you keep on me to use against me when I mess up. I now know that Satan is the keeper of the negative thoughts. My past guilt that likes to creep in happens when I am unprotected by your Armor because I am forgetting to put on my uniform, and I take my eyes off you and onto myself. Lord, I receive your word as truth and the standard by which I strive to live. May my life be a fragrant offering to you by my obedience to your will. I submit to your perfect ways to be seen in my practice during daily experiences. Everything I am is because of your love, mercy, and grace. 

 As a science student and later in my life as a science teacher, I really got excited over tests where you got to move around from station to station. It is a ton of preparation on the instructor’s part, but totally worth it when you see your students excel. Typically, I was the first teacher to give students this experience. These tests are hands on, and chairs are not supplied. There is no multiple choice answers to guess your way through to a passing grade. Have you had experience taking one of these kinds of tests? Do you know what they are called? Well, they are LAB PRACTICALS.  Your instructor isn’t me, it isn’t Priscilla Shirer, it isn’t your pastor, it isn’t your God loving Grandma, and it isn’t you either. Your instructor is God Himself. He has done all the prep work and he wants you to get up and be hands on in your faith! Be a doer of the word. James 1:21-22 Thank you for the Breastplate of your righteousness and that the Belt of Truth carries the weight of our pursuit. Lord, I ask that you give each and every woman an opportunity to do something for your Kingdom, and to bring glory to your name this week. Sanctify us Lord, do a mighty work among us. We praise Your Holy Name, the Name Above All Names, there is power in the name of Jesus! 

*  song is titled God Shaped-Hole by Plumb

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