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Eskimo Kisses

Recently in my routine stillness before the Lord, my eyes landed on a favorite photo. I have always loved the photo, but today as I gazed upon it, my eyes filled with tears. I felt the Lord lead me to write out what I was sensing. After doing so, I knew without a doubt that I would be sharing my experience here on this blog, and on this particular day. It is an honor to share what God has allowed me to experience, and hopefully serve as a blessing to someone else.

Today, February 11th is an significant day because it is my dad’s birthday. He has been gone just shy of 20 years. What is noteworthy, is that my father’s second wife shared the same birthday. My stepmother had a hard time celebrating her birthday after my father’s passing because for 24 years she had enjoyed celebrating with him at her side. My dad had been excited about becoming a grandfather for many years, but never got to experience that earthly blessing. The first Christmas without my dad, my husband and I announced that we were expecting our first child.

During my pregnancy I had a very vivid dream where my dad appears and sees my husband holding a baby girl. My husband tells my dad that the baby girl is his grand-daughter. With that being said, my dad nods in understanding and tells us that he knows who she is, and that he helped pick her out. The dream was so realistic and emotional for me. I remember calling my stepmom and telling her all about it. Later in my pregnancy, the doctor had asked during a sonogram if we wanted to know the sex of the baby, but I flatly refused. I knew that on delivery I would be a happy momma no matter what, but I also held a fear and didn’t want to be disappointed. As it turns out, I delivered a healthy beautiful baby girl that shares her grandfather’s initials.

I say all this to explain the photo that had me gripped with emotion. The framed image I see is of a beautiful bride in her wedding gown giving what we have always called eskimo kisses (touching noses) to the most adorable 3 year old girl. You don’t see the face of the little girl, just a profile, and the smile of the bride is genuine and full of love. I look at this familiar photograph of my stepmother and daughter in a completely different way now. I like to think that my precious little girl somehow met my dad (her grandfather) in the heavenly realms before being born here to us on Earth. She is part of a living love legacy. In no way am I stating that any of this is Biblical, but I like to think my dad sent his blessing and approval for my stepmother’s wedding and future happiness via his beloved grand-daughter.

I miss my daddy, but I am blessed to have another man in my life. My stepmom’s husband is a man of great character; he is a man of great faith and integrity. He serves his community well, and his family even better. I thank the Lord these two found each other. They are a great example of a covenant marriage. My stepmom accepted Christ; her heart and eternal address is changed forever. Praise the Lord!

Thank you Lord for all my life experiences. Thank you for the backstage passes, and VIP seating in my stepmom’s life. I have no doubt You have called her to do great things in this life, and she is answering Your call. She is brave beyond her abilities. Refresh her and give her the strength to push trough adversity on the hard days. Thank you for the rocky roads we have traveled and let us be a united front to walk as sisters in Christ for the remainder of our journey here on Earth.

Eskimo Kisses and Birthday Wishes!