Be Still

Just be still

No matter what the circumstances, divorce is never an easy process. Add in children to the marriage and the crushing blow, and deep hurts are exponentially multiplied. In the process of a divorce, a key verse found in Exodus became hope in an otherwise difficult time in one woman’s life.

Exodus 14:14

The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.

Praying and clinging to these words originally offered to the escaping Israelites became a promise to claim personally in a modern day scary, and uncertain time. The words were prayed often, while holding hands with a close friend both in tears, over the phone, through countless texts, and various memes served as reminders.

As house hunting for something more affordable, and appropriate for a soon to be single mom of 4 there was one house that seemed to be the perfect lay out. The location too would satisfy the terms that were being spelled out by official papers filed in court. Passing through the laundry room of this occupied home, a wooden plaque was hung that displayed the words of Exodus 14:14. Its presence was not missed by the buyer. With some resistance, lots of prayer, and even asking for the laundry room sign to be conveyed if the seller agreed to the offer, the little house became the hers. No coincidences here, God received the glory! God showed Himself to be faithful, and He certainly fought for His beloved when she could not fight for herself.

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