Armor of God

Prayers, Promptings, and Obedience

What you are reading on this blog is to give insight to personal habits, thoughts, experiences, and prayers in my life. By no means is it the right way, or the only way of doing a Bible study, prayer, or entering into a full and active relationship with Christ. However, it is helpful for some to get to have examples of another person’s experience, and real world implementation of God’s teachings. I am not a writer by nature. I have a math and science brain. I don’t particularly enjoy sitting down for any long periods of time. I am what many in the south call a “Hot Mess.” All that to say, I have been slow to follow through to the clear prompting by the Holy Spirit to start this blog. I am determined to be obedient to my calling, and know that Father God has equipped me and I am honored that he has chosen to use me as his vessel.

The first 6-7 entries actually follow nicely and were written while I was working through Priscilla Shirer’s The Armor of God study. However, each of these entries can stand alone and be of some benefit (hopefully) to the reader. I pray that you will see it as an encouragement to really dig in and allow God to open your eyes and transform your daily life. Thank you Lord that our time in your word will never return void. Isaiah 55:11 May the words I am about to write, be the words my Father wants you to hear. May all the struggles I have overcome through His power, protection, grace, and love be shared as a living testimony, and touch a fellow believer in Christ along the way.

First of all, I love Priscilla Shirer and she has zeroed in on the enemy in week one. I love how she is very deliberate to let you know that it is up to each one of us to develop our own relationship with God. In short, no one can do it for you, we can’t rely on our pastor, parents, our spouse, or even a Jesus loving friend. You should be seeking God’s face and purposely looking to live your life in His will. 

We must be in prayer and know truth in order to be aware of who, what, and how the enemy works. The first week of study Priscilla conveys the message that we have 7 pieces of the Armor of God. For a veteran Bible study chick, I knew the 6 and could rattle them off without hesitation. For the most part, I could even give details of their individual significance.  We have 5 pieces of defense that protect: helmet, belt, breastplate, shield, and shoes; and only one weapon of offense which is the sword. So, I spent some time asking myself why haven’t I considered the 7th piece part of this equation before? Here is what I came up with, Satan doesn’t want me to connect that piece because all that armor, and protection is useless without prayer. I realize that God has protected me because I have developed an active prayer life, where I often refer to my Armor of God for protection. I love that Priscilla says that prayer activates the Armor of God, she even calls it is our internet access. 

I know one of my biggest areas of weakness is having a sharp tongue and to be easily angered. Ooooh, don’t you know Satan loves to expose that one? Satan has me right where he wants me. Here is the deal, on my best day I can finish up a great quiet time in prayer and study in the stillness of my home early in the morning, and within the first 2 sentences uttered by a child or spouse once they awake can bring me quickly to the world where I become easily agitated and dare I say, quick tempered. What is happening here?  I am learning to recognize the enemy. I sometimes lash out, apologize, and go before the throne immediately to seek forgiveness for my lack of self-control, and for my joy to be quickly stolen by the enemy. This week Ephesians 6:12 hit me fresh and is the meditation of my heart. My struggle is not against flesh and blood. Here is one of the prayer strategies I wrote.

Thank you Lord for your words of truth. Thank you that you clearly lay out who is, and who IS NOT my enemy. I can trust your words of great wisdom. When Ephesians 6:12 says ‘For our struggle is not against flesh and blood…” I am quickly reminded that the people I do life with are not my enemies. Lord, forgive me for the short fuse I often display with those closest to me. My husband and my children are such precious gifts you have blessed me with, and they are NOT my enemies. I take them for granted too many days. May I recognize Satan’s sneaky ways of pitting us against each other in the tone in which we speak. Let peace flow out from me because you fill my mind with righteousness. Let me lead by example. May I love, forgive, and serve wholeheartedly no matter what is thrown my way. Do not let my reaction be anything that would benefit the enemy and give the devil a foothold in my home. Lord, I ask you to give me eyes that see beyond the moment of stress. Give me your power to call the evil one out on his game, and remove any control he may have once had over me. The Holy Spirit has made me keenly aware of the devil’s tactics, and I refuse to allow any victory for the devil to kill, steal, or destroy me or my home. Jesus, you reign in this home and in our hearts. You have already won the battle. Thank you Lord for the Armor of God and the power of prayer. May it be fresh on my mind and lips today as I bring glory to you. 

I want to encourage you to show up each day for a quiet time with Jesus. Do not let anything keep you from this precious time. My prayer is that you call Satan out, and try to glean one item each week that God is focusing on for you. Don’t be idle, don’t be lazy, but in all things today BE ALERT, BE AWARE, BE ACTIVE. God is with us, so who can be against us? Prayers of diligence and fortitude for anyone taking the time to read these words. You have been prayed for, and I have been called to share through this blog site.whole-armor-of-god

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